Easy to create an app even when you don't have any coding knowledge

By Papillon on May 6, 2021

How to create an app? There are many ways for your business to create mobile apps for your customers, without spending time learning more or learning about programming knowledge. Which are the ways? Check out the useful content below!

Easy to create an app even when you dont have any coding knowledge

What is create an app?

First of all, you need to know the definition of an app before you start learning what app creating is. The app is an application that creates and runs on popular mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets,...At the present, there are 2 popular operating system platforms for users to use that is Android and iOS.

App creating (coding applications/programming) is using specialized programming languages to write and program into apps that run on mobile devices. Each app will have different features, interfaces, and systems depending on the requirements of the developer. But in general, writing applications will aim to provide value, convenience for users, to attract them to download and use the app for a long time.

To be able to create perfect apps, you or your business need a programming background (programming knowledge). Besides, you must also know to grasp the app design trend of the market and update technology innovations for your app products. Providing customers with the best quality and most complete mobile applications

Why should businesses create apps?

Mobile application brings many positive improvements for businesses

The trend of digital transformation (switching to using mobile applications, smart devices) is very strong in the present time. Most of the fields of business, services to non-profit activities are building and developing their unique applications.

And because of the increasing trend to use apps, our life has become much easier. Imagine you want to shop, use services, entertain, check health, connect and chat with people,...with just a few simple clicks, how convenient will it be?

Especially for businesses looking to expand customer growth, the first thing to do is to create a suitable application because it can bring significant effects in business and advertising. Branding such as:

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Outstanding revenue growth.
  • Build effective loyalty files.
  • Reminds and reinforces the brand image in the users.
  • Connect with all customers using mobile devices.

In short, app programming is essential at this time, so that your business can improve its business for the better. So if your business doesn’t an application programming background, what is the best plan for you to deploy?

Ways to create an app without learning how to code

Through platforms

Platforms that support creating apps without knowing about programming

Nowadays, there are many platforms launched to assist the individual or business users wishing to develop apps. Some of the most popular platforms are:


One of the best free app creation platforms today. Even if you have no programming knowledge, just a few simple manipulations like drag and drop. You will easily own a simple app with basic functions within 10 minutes. This platform designs apps on cloud computing.

Teraapp also lets you create apps that work on both iOS and Android. Interface warehouse is quite plentiful as well as brings many conveniences to users.


Appteng is considered one of the first application programming support platforms released by Vietnamese people. Appteng also uses cloud computing technology to assist in better application design.

Just with a few simple steps, you will easily create your unique applications. The platform also allows the application to run on both iOS and Android operating systems.


Ehubly was established with the motto of supporting app creation without knowing code, no programming knowledge required. The platform assisted a lot of people in creating apps with basic functionality. Ehubly also allows publishing apps on iOS and Android operating systems. This is also one of the most popular app creation platforms today.

Advantages of creating cross-platform apps:

  • Create app quickly, easy
  • Simple manipulation of drag-drop
  • The cost is not too high
  • Diversity of interface


  • Creating apps over the platform can only use simple features
  • Not suitable for businesses that need to deploy a sales app with complex features
  • No guarantee of information security
  • App error-prone has no support or maintenance policy

Hire freelancers

Hire freelancers is a popular way for some businesses

The second way that businesses can program their apps is to hire developer freelancers to create apps. Before professional app development companies, hiring freelancers was quite popular. Why is that? Hiring freelancers who have high expertise, experience in app programming are often favored by businesses because:


  • Easy to work, comfortable time
  • The cost is cheaper than the work with the company
  • Meet almost all the requirements of the business
  • Highly specialized, able to program applications from simple to complex

However, this method also has many disadvantages that are:

  • No guarantees about the privacy of app data, company internal data
  • There is no clear support/maintenance policy
  • Not committed to the work route, the process of completing the app
  • Some freelancers offer quite a high price

Hire app development companies

Hire a company to help businesses ensure quality and support policies

The best way to create effective applications is to collaborate and create applications through professional programming companies. For businesses that are "struggling" to find a suitable app deployment plan. Then the programming companies will answer these questions.

With a team of well-trained programmers, experienced in-app optimization, design useful features, and support clear advice for businesses, the plan to choose a professional company to create App submission is the best option.

Advantages of a programming company:

  • Team of programmers with high expertise, executing applications from the simplest to the most complex.
  • As a company, the app design roadmap is clear, clearly outlining the implementation direction, and transparent about costs.
  • Especially committed to protecting all internal information, customers based on the contract provided.
  • Experts will consult to clarify solutions, outline the app design roadmap for businesses.
  • Free consultation.
  • Commitment to work performance, the deadline to complete the project following the contract.

Until now, the form of writing apps through programming companies has not had many disadvantages, if any, it will usually be:

  • Some companies do not guarantee information security.
  • The companies that are not reputable, the contracts are committed to not follow the correct process.
  • Not complying with the requirements of the business.

However, if you choose reputable companies with clear commitments and receive many positive reviews from many platforms and partners. Then you can trust that cooperation.

Thus, choosing the right app writing plan for your business is not easy. For businesses looking to make apps with good performance, lots of built-in functions, and easy publishing to app stores (Appstore, Google Play), hiring a developer is the best option. Hope you will create yourself an application like that!