The leading iOS app making companies in Vietnam

By Lap Nguyen on July 20, 2021

Which one is the leading iOS app making companies in Vietnam? Making mobile applications is not a difficult decision for any business in today's information technology era. However, to choose a company that provides services to make iOS apps, Android apps, or cross-platform apps... is something that needs a lot of reference and consideration from the business.

The leading iOS app making companies in Vietnam

The following article proposes the top 5 leading reputable app companies in Vietnam so that business owners who have no background in information technology can refer to.

FPT (TOP iOS app making companies)


As one of the largest technology companies in Vietnam and the third-largest private enterprise in Vietnam in 2012 according to VNReport. FPT operates in 3 main areas:

  • Technology: including Software Development; System integration; and IT Services.
  • Telecommunications: includes telecommunications services and digital content.
  • Education: from elementary to graduate, international association, and online training.

If you intend to use FPT's application development service, please refer to the "mobile technology" service in the list of Technology-FPT Software on the company's website.

FPT Software provides comprehensive services on popular mobile technology platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry...

The process of developing mobile applications is proposed by FPT through the following steps:

  • Consulting: FPT and the customers clearly evaluate the requirements, then propose to the customer’s suitable solutions
  • Application development: FPT programmers take full responsibility
  • Putting the application into practice: a team of programmers review, evaluate, edit and support
  • Application Testing: FPT provides automated application testing and testing services
  • Maintenance and support: fix bugs in programming, gradually withdraw from the project, and empower project management back to the business

Besides, FPT Software is also capable of providing SaaS (software as a service), which can be used on most operating systems. Most importantly, they help you control your mobile technology infrastructure with low investment costs. Specifically, eMobiz service - an application suitable for FMCG groups, users can use eMobiz to control orders, track the number of goods in stock... and based on customer activities to provide sellers with customer insight.



VNG is currently the leading Internet and technology company, the only $1 billion technology unicorn in Vietnam.

In 2017, App Annie - one of the leading service providers in the field of mobile application analysis, rated VNG as the top of the list of top application developers in Southeast Asia. Besides, VNG is also one of the 40 most valuable brands in Vietnam.
VNG operates mainly in 4 key areas:

  • Game online
  • Connection platform
  • Payment and finances
  • Cloud service

In particular, the development of online games is a longstanding strength of this company. If you intend to make an online game application, you should refer to the extremely successful applications that VNG has developed: Khu vuon tren may (Garden on the cloud); Dead target...

In general, in terms of mobile application development services, VNG is considered to always create products with a large number of users and high profits. Not to mention the applications that 80% of smartphone users in Vietnam use: Zalo, ZingMP3, Baomoi...

TMA Solutions

TMA Solutions

Founded 24 years ago, TMA Solutions is a company specializing in software development services, specifically:

  • Visual Design
  • Product Support
  • Software Testing
  • IT Managed Services
  • Porting and Migration: Migrate software
  • Software Solution: Application development

TMA Solutions provides solutions for many areas: Finance, E-Commerce, Healthcare...

One of the most striking traits is that the company places great emphasis on developing human talent. With more than 2700 talented engineers and partners across 50 countries worldwide, TMA is a very reliable choice if you intend to make iOS, Android, or cross-platform apps for your business.

Furthermore, customers of TMA Solutions include ”big” names: lcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Genband, NTT Data, Hitachi...



Larion Company has been operating for more than 12 years in the Vietnam market. Larion's customers are not in Vietnam but more than 15 other countries around the world.

The company's application development services are branched out as follows:

  • Ruby on Rails Application Development: web app development and maintenance service
  • Social & Ecommerce Application Development: developing social networking and e-commerce applications
  • Master Data Management: data management services
  • Core Banking: developing functions for a banking application
  • Credentialing Verification Supporting Services: verify authentication information services

Currently, the company focuses its resources on Big Data; Cloud data; Social networks; Internet of Things, ...

Sento App

Sento App

Sento app is in the top 3 companies that providing multi-disciplinary app design for many clients today. The company has more than 12 years of experience in mobile application development and has branches all over the country.

The major projects of Sento app can be mentioned as:

  • App My Viettel of Viettel group
  • App TP Bank Mobile for TP Bank
  • App VinID for Group Vingroups

Many more, requesting a suitable service here is easy because Sento offers customers many popular packages:

  • Design business app
  • Design hospitality app
  • Design financial app
  • Design educational app
  • Design health care app

This is also a good choice for you to have a good application, programmed by experts.

In general,

Making iOS and Android apps for businesses through one of the above 5 companies requires your business to have strong financial resources. The quality of these companies is proven by the 10 to 20 years of regular operation, and the quality of the hit projects they have completed.

However, if your company is a start-up or doesn't have the budget for this big game yet, then you can check out the mobile software development services of smaller, lesser-known companies, high-quality as PSA Solutions, Engma, Pogofdev...