About Us

Why PSA Solutions?

PSA Solutions Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Pixa Studio Company Limited, was established in early 2015.

We are a professional, creative, and reliable team focus on mobile app outsourcing, especially for mobile platforms: Android, iOS.

The main technology used in our company is React-Native and Native code. We know that technology is the important core of a modern business so that we always try our best to create solutions for clients to be perfect.


When doing business, professionalism is a key to success. We understand that and we guarantee to provide the best solutions and services for all customers in a professional way.


At PSA Solutions, we are always learning and experiencing new concepts to provide the best mobile apps quality.


Our company believes that the most valuable thing in our business is customers’ trust in our services and products.

Why choose PSA Solutions?

1. You need software for your business, but you don’t know how to make it. PSA Solutions can help you right now.

2. You have an idea to make a software or mobile application but you don’t have a team or you need it and it’s cost a number of specific budgets. PSA Solutions can help you.


Receive requests

Receive requests from clients, then a team of programmers will analyze in detail the business model and software features that they need to deploy. The results of the request-receiving stage will be shown in the business and functional analysis files.

System design

Based on the analyzed requests, we will design the descriptive drawing, interface design, and building the required technical documentation. The next step is to choose the technology to use when implementing the project. In this stage, customers will have the interface and mockup of the application and descriptive technical documents of the system.

Programming and testing

After having a clear description of the project, we will proceed to code (programming) for the system of the app. Software error checking is done at the same time as the coding. Clients will have a usable product in this stage.

Deploy and hand over

After completing the development stage, the product is ready for use. Then we will deploy for the customer, write the manual, hand over the deployed product and the completed source code of the project.