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    10 ideas for writing innovative iOS apps for business

    By PIXA Studio on June 29, 2021

    Finding ideas to write iOS apps for their customers is something many businesses want. In this article, you will be with Pixa Studio to explore through 10 ideas of writing extremely popular apps for the iOS operating system!

    10 ideas for writing innovative iOS apps for business

    1. App design iOS parcel delivery

    With this iOS app for parcel delivery, the developers focus on using pastel-colored (white, light colors) to highlight products, images of goods that customers manipulate. Also, the navigation keys and taskbar toolbar are moved to the top of the interface, the purpose is to make the user experience more convenient.

    App design iOS parcel delivery

    2. Real estate application ideas

    Different from the real estate search apps that you often see, iOS developers have applied simple, monochrome color to make the app interface look new and more eye-catching. Even the navigation keys, icons, and buttons comply with the monochrome color rule, which helps real estate information stand out more. As a result, users will find it easier to capture information about each apartment they are interested in.

    Real estate application ideas

    3. Fitness support application ideas

    Fitbudy is an iOS app that helps you exercise easily. This app allows users to find other people who share their practice interests. With well-proportioned proportions and all the information presented clearly and concisely, this is one of the most popular iOS apps.

    Inspired by popular social networking platforms, Fitbuddy has a display interface that is almost similar to websites like Facebook, Instagram,... so users will almost feel very familiar and have tended to invite friends for common use.

    Fitness support application ideas

    4. Buying wine iOS application idea

    First of all, users are greeted with an attractive login screen where they can choose their favorite style, taste, and region.

    At the homepage of the app, the wine list is presented with eye-catching, fun, and adorned fonts for all forms of wine that users are interested in buying. Another plus is that the same light beige tone and silver font are used throughout, adding visual and color uniformity to the entire pages of the app. iOS apps for wine search don’t seem to be popular in the Vietnamese market. But for the expanding markets like the US,... these types of apps are extremely popular and reach a large number of users.

    Buying wine iOS application idea

    5. E-commerce app idea

    Compared to popular e-commerce apps, this is one of the fairly new ideas for your app. The highlighting of color will help each product displayed on the app have more emphasis. This idea comes from the fact that many consumers feel uncomfortable seeing a series of different products at the same time, difficult to distinguish, confusing interface,... Therefore, designers will share the display space, and the display size of each product is clearer and larger, helping users feel more comfortable when shopping.

    E-commerce app idea

    6. Concept making iOS app to share recipes

    There have been many requests from customers about having an application that collects cooking recipes for women. Since then, the idea of an iOS app for sharing recipes was born. The special feature of the app is that these new recipes are constantly updated, allowing users to propose effective recipes, allowing users to comment and rate on existing recipes on the app.

    Concept making iOS app to share recipes

    7. Invoicing app concept

    No longer have to manually collect cumbersome and time-consuming invoice information. Now, app developers have built an application that helps users to set up automatic invoices. The operation rule of this app is to store and list all the bills that the user has spent, make annual reports by week, day, month, year,... set spending limits, set an overspending warning,...

    However, because it is not yet able to link to all payment portals such as banks, shops, and supermarkets, in the first stage, users are forced to have one more action, which is to manually enter all information into the system. This App aims to help many people balance their finances, calculate their expenses more reasonably, and avoid losses.

    Invoicing app concept

    8. City guides iOS app design

    Compared to a huge amount of information such as Google Maps, the city navigation app will focus all information on specific destinations within a city, busy area,... Making the app comes from the fact that many tourists want to search for more "local" destinations than famous destinations (places that Google Maps cannot update). Every local place in the app will be updated and contributed by the local guides themselves, the contributions will be rated by users and voted for active guides.

    City guides iOS app design

    9. Task planner iOS app

    One of the essential needs of many people today is to plan and manage their plans in the best way. Application developers have researched, conducted surveys, and consulted many customers about building an application that meets the above needs. From there, the job scheduling application was born with a minimal interface, visualized work blocks, creating push notifications to remind you to perform the work added to the app, statistics, and reporting. Completed jobs, unfinished jobs so that users can self-assess their compliance level.

    Task planner iOS app

    10. Children’s reading app

    Compared to adults, the interface of the app for children will be more eye-catching with elements, colors, and images. The designers have high contrast tones, bright-colored such as orange, blue, white,... to make the app's interface more kid-friendly. Information about books, stories will be displayed selectively for each different filter. More specifically, parents can access their child's account to select and hide inappropriate book information, and save and bookmark good books that they want them to be able to read.

    Children’s reading app

    Not only with 10 ideas to write iOS apps, but you also have many other ideas to make apps more practical, more applicable. However, to form a professional application, you must seek a professional app design company to improve features and study user behavior better.