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    Steps to build a complete Android application

    By PSA Solutions on July 15, 2021

    Are you looking to build an Android application that runs smoothly on Android devices? You've got some groundbreaking ideas that get you excited!

    However, it is also you who have to orient and start the first steps to make your wish come true.

    In this article, PSA Solutions will suggest to you where to start Android apps, how to make apps reach more users soon.

    Market research

    You should understand why you chose to make an application on the Android operating system? Do you know Android users’ behavior or are you based solely on assumptions?

    Because when making an application, everyone wants their application to solve the problems of the customer, the application will maintain development for many years. So what is customer behavior, and it is much more important than what you want to do.

    The chart shows the market share of mobile operating systems in Vietnam in 2020.

    The chart shows the market share of mobile operating systems in Vietnam in 2020. Source: Statcounter.

    The chart shows the fluctuation of the market share of Vietnam's mobile operating systems over the months in 2020.

    The chart shows the fluctuation of the market share of Vietnam's mobile operating systems over the months in 2020. Source: Statcounter.

    Based on the chart, you can rest assured to decide whether to make an Android app because Vietnamese users are still very fond of using this operating system.

    Resource reassessment

    If your business has a mobile application development department, it is a good thing because the working process will be more convenient to communicate with each other.

    However, you also need to re-evaluate some factors:

    • Feasibility: Typically an application takes 3 to 6 months to complete, so make sure your team is ready to focus on the project during this time.
    • Human resources: Project management, programming, and product owner are essential departments. You need to have a specific arrangement for these positions.
    • Cost and time: When using the organization's human resources, does this affect the company's daily and monthly revenue? Is it cheaper to hire an external department to make an app?

    In fact, hiring outsourcing companies is always the solution for you to consider because the application will be made by professional programmers, with long experience in application development and they will advise you on trends of the mobile app.

    Building a plan

    You should have a specified amount of time for all steps in the Android app-making process. Discuss with your programming team or application programming service provider. Develop a detailed plan that includes important milestones:

    • Research user behavior
    • Application programming
    • Launch the beta version of the application

    At PSA Solutions, once they receive a request to make your Android app, they will have to analyze in great detail the business model and software features to be made. Detailed timing and pricing estimates will also be provided at this stage. After that, you will do a mockup, interface design.

    Even if you don’t hire a service, building a plan is an essential step so that you can control the project comprehensively, without affecting other steps.

    Building a plan

    Interface design

    The interface is what the customer will see on the application. However, this step requires a lot of work because the application is not only to see but also to engage. You need to do some research on the layout of the buttons, titles, images…. it's easiest for the customer to use.

    If you make your app, usually your team will design the interface for the app. But if you hire an application development agency, you will have to provide the interface design and describe the instructions to the programmer to produce the functional code.

    Develop Android app

    This is the main step of programmers.

    If you have a background in programming techniques, you may be able to help with this step.

    Develop Android app

    But most business owners like you don’t really have any experience in information technology, so they will usually hire a programming team or hire a service.

    For example, at PSA Solutions, they will use the official source of Android code, Android Studio, combined with the programming language Java and Kotlin to program Android applications.

    Once the app is completed, you will be responsible for testing the application, introducing an "early access program" to the customer, and collecting customer reviews.

    This process is done over and over again until you are satisfied to start making the app public on Google Play.

    In short

    There are 5 steps you must take to have a complete Android application. However, if you feel the process is too complicated, don’t hesitate to contact a reputable Android app-making agency like PSA Solutions.