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    Create selling apps - new business trends in the digital 4.0 era

    By PIXA Studio on March 30, 2021

    Many people are still wondering why creating apps can help businesses grow sales. And how has selling apps become one of the latest business trends. Read through the article below to know the reasons why!

    Want to create a selling app, where to begin?

    Learn about creating selling apps

    Learn about creating selling apps

    First of all, you need to understand what a selling app is?

    Selling App is the application software that can operate on many operating systems such as Android, iOS... which allows shop owners to post product information, create buying functions for shoppers who are using the app. The most special thing is from its name "selling app", users can buy products directly, make the payment on the app without having to switch to another browser.

    Selling Apps is a business trend that many big names in the e-commerce industry has successfully built, such as Shopee, Tiki, Lazada... So why can selling apps bring so much such benefits? So we will learn through the use of the selling apps in buying and selling.

    The use of the selling apps

    Instead of having to open up a laptop to access a shopping website, many customers nowadays have switched to using a selling app to buy goods. Some customers even switch to the app to purchase, update promotions without using the website anymore.

    In fact, selling app brings so much convenience that most users feel better for their needs, we can mention:

    • Users can access it more easily because the app will be integrated on many different platforms, many different mobile devices.
    • The functions on the app are easier to use than on the website, so users will feel easier in shopping.
    • Because the app works on mobile operating systems so that it will have the right to send notices and promotions to customers in a more efficient and personalized way. Therefore, it helps increase the effectiveness of campaigns to promote your business.
    • Save more advertising when using the app than using the website.

    Selling apps really bring many benefits to customers and businesses

    Selling apps really bring many benefits to customers and businesses

    However, if you want your selling apps really attract more customers as well as bring efficiency to you. Then you should build your app well or pay attention to the following notes:

    • First thing, you need to build a good quality brand image before attracting users to switch to use your app. So that they will immediately install your app.
    • The design of the app must follow the interface of the website or other platforms. Don't let your customers freak out when each platform is a different interface.
    • Always pay attention to optimize UI/UX for the app, optimize this part, 80% of customers will feel that your selling app is really easy to use and friendly.
    • Need to optimize app download speed, even on the web. No one wants to use the app or the web with slow image loading speed.
    • Customer information must always be kept confidential, if you cannot do that, your app will not appeal to customers at all.
    • Please apply new programming technologies (such as React Native) and always update new features for the app so that customers will not be bored when using the app.

    Through the above useful contents, you also know the basics of app creation as well as the benefits that it can bring to customers and businesses.

    With the current speed of development of 4.0 technology, most sellers build their own app to reach more customers.

    Catch the trend of creating a selling app in business

    Artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is expected to reach a market cap up to $191 billion

    Artificial intelligence is expected to reach a market cap up to $191 billion

    Applying artificial intelligence in-app is a trend that is expected to lead for many years to come. According to predictions from many experts, by 2024, Artificial Intelligence will reach a market cap up to 191 billion USD. Therefore, artificial intelligence is leaking many big names in the technology industry.

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    Internet of Things - a new definition in the tech world

    Internet of Things - a new definition in the tech world

    Internet of Things is a relatively new definition, but in advanced countries, Internet of Things means applying the app's technologies to everyday objects and techniques such as automated houses, machines, an app to help control toiletries, an app to help control things (television, air-conditioner...)

    5G wireless technology

    The need to use the web faster is not only in the countries of the US but also in any country that is accessing the web app. Therefore, the popularization of 5G wireless technology is also considered one of the new trends.

    Mobile Money Wallet

    Financial App is increasingly popular in life

    Financial App is increasingly popular in life

    The growth of financial apps is increasing, due to the need to reduce the use of cash as well as help better secure currency. App with an integrated mobile wallet will receive a "wave" of users higher than ever.


    In the mobile app, especially the selling app, chatbot clearly shows the effects it brings to users and businesses. This technology helps businesses interact online, collect customer information, and easily understand customer behavior.

    There are also a number of other technology

    • Beacon technology
    • Instant Mobile app
    • EMM and APM
    • Blockchain technology

    Thus, through the article, you can understand the potential of creating apps for businesses as well as updating the trends of making apps that are predicted to "explode" in the near future. Hope you can equip yourself with more knowledge about technology to be able to effectively grow your business.