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    Revealing the secrets of why businesses have to build a mobile app to increase revenue efficiency

    By PSA Solutions on March 5, 2021

    According to the 4th quarter of 2020, Vietnam has recorded a large number of users' visits on mobile apps to buying, entertainment instead of using websites. How have so many people turned to use mobile apps instead of traditional multimedia? And why should your business build a mobile app nowadays?

    The convenience of making mobile apps for users

    E-commerce apps are one of the most visited platforms

    E-commerce apps are one of the most visited platforms

    Building a mobile app is no longer a difficult thing nowadays. Even in Vietnam, according to the 2018-2020 statistics report up to 72% of internet access is from mobile devices.

    In particular, every month, 1 user installs an average of 5 apps to explore and use for play games, shopping, entertainment,...This number also shows the need to use the mobile app of Vietnamese people will grow very fast in the future.

    With the fast moving in city life. Many Vietnamese people even have 2 mobile devices for entertainment purposes and the other for business use.

    Why can mobile apps replace websites?

    Mobile Apps is gradually replacing website with more convenience for users

    Mobile Apps is gradually replacing website with more convenience for users

    Users often use many features when shopping and entertaining such as searching, surfing images, looking up information,...and accessing the website will be much more inconvenient.

    Mobile App will consume less 3G/4G data than websites.

    When you want to research information but load new pages on a website is a waste of time.

    Some websites are very heavy so the web surfing experience is annoying for users

    Very simple operation, just a light touch on the app, all the utilities customers want will appear in front of their eyes.

    Mobile App is very well supported for businesses

    It helps attract customers, also supports business management

    It helps attract customers, also supports business management

    Thus, through mobile applications, your business will reach the latest consumer trends of Vietnamese users in particular and the world in general. In addition, not only bringing many benefits to customers, but the app also supports businesses to do better business performance statistics, thereby optimizing promotional activities.

    We have a few benefits that mobile apps bring to businesses below:

    • Mobile applications make it easier for users to interact. Thereby, it helps record customer feedback in more detail.
    • Helping businesses increase long-term brand awareness.
    • Easily send promotional notices and promotions to customers.
    • Advertising costs can be optimized.
    • Corporate with a software development company to make mobile apps more save.
    • Customers are easier to use, businesses are easier to control.

    PSA Solutions is considered the software development company which is growing fast nowadays.

    Compared to other app developers, PSA Solutions focuses on building mobile apps on cloud computing that can be used for two of the most popular operating systems today, Android and iOS.

    For businesses wishing to quickly own a mobile app to reach more customers, PSA Solutions will help businesses answer difficult questions such as:

    • Businesses don’t know about coding and don’t want to hire programmers for just a short term.
    • They want to use React Native technology - help load apps quickly on both Android and IOS operating systems.
    • Easily create separate functions for your app such as: creating promotions, creating deals, sending marketing messages...
    • They want to easily design many types of themes based on the brand identity of each business.
    • Can create reports, statistics, advertising effectiveness to help businesses better define their effective mobile app or not.
    • Increase marketing efficiency by connecting the app to popular social networking sites with Vietnamese users such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, ... through interactions like, product sharing.
    • In addition, making a mobile app helps increase sales efficiency.
    • Through this article, you can also know the great benefits that mobile applications can bring to customers and your business. Besides, you should cooperate with mobile app development companies to quickly build an application that helps customers interact more easily than before.