Upwork: The right choice for the reputation of mobile application design services

By Lap Nguyen on July 5, 2021

If you are looking for some companies that provide mobile application design services to convey your desire to make a good application, this useful article is for you. The following article will go into depth about the benefits you will get from Upwork, a platform that ensures quality and reputable mobile phone application agencies but not a lot of people know.

Upwork: the right choice for the reputation of mobile application design services

What is Upwork?

One of the famous platforms in the US. Upwork is an intermediary website that connects organizations and companies with individuals and groups of freelancers. Those who participate in Upwork must adhere to the strict rules set forth by this platform. Upwork also acts as an intermediary that will resolve disputes if any.


What benefits does the company get from Upwork?

For small entrepreneurs that don’t have a specialized department. Using individuals or teams to work freely on this platform, you will still be able to do what you want, but you must approach this platform properly.

Some of the benefits that your company will receive if using freelancers:

Take advantage of professionals

At Upwork, freelancers will have certain specialties and they will only focus on receiving projects related to the field they can work well. You can easily find employers with high expertise and good experience in specific areas such as SEO content writing, website design, website programming, mobile application programming...

And we understand that, if you find the right people in each area of expertise, the results you will receive will be very effective.

Save office space

Of course, this makes even more sense for small startups that can't afford to hire a large workplace. In addition, you also save costs on facilities, stationery… if there are no stable employers.

Save office space

Get good service at an affordable price

Compared to the cost of hiring a full-time employee, the use of freelancers at Upwork will be much more economical. In order for an employee to start working, the company will have to spend a lot of money from the time the candidate goes from the interview section until they officially pass the probationary round. After being officially accepted to work, you will have to pay more for the costs of using the employees such as health insurance and pay them more for the costs of social security.

But with Upwork, the process of using human resources is extremely simple, and moreover, you do not have to pay anything extra for these costs.

The flexibility in the use of human resources

You just need to use Upwork when you really need support from professionals or you need to use them on other projects. Unlike full-time employees, you always have to try to keep them busy, but with freelancers, you will only use them and pay them when you need them. This relieves a lot of pressure on managers.

Steps to check the credibility of mobile application design services with Upwork

Steps to check the credibility of mobile application design services with Upwork

Have a look at those portfolios and work histories on mobile application design

You can also have a look at this mobile phone application programmer here. The truth is that portfolio information and work history can tell you more than just a cover letter. In many customer reviews, they will point out the working characteristics that the freelancer has, please refer to whether you are looking for personnel with working characteristics, and ask yourself if you need to complete the work that similar to those they have completed in the past?

Ask for details during the discussion

Even if you aren’t an expert, detailed preparation for the questions is very important to be able to hire a suitable freelancer. Ask a qualified person for an interview. Because skills and experience are only really revealed through questions to the heart.

Limit the time when assigning work

For freelancers who work with you for the first time, limiting the number of hours they work will assess if they are suitable for the progress of writing apps or completing the programming tasks you expect. For hourly workers, ask them to submit a daily report on each piece of work they have completed. However, for those who worked with you in the past, you probably won't need to be so vigilant.


Based on the above article, hopefully, you will find yourself a mobile application maker that meets your expectations. The good news is PSA Solutions also has a certain amount of trust from Upwork's customers, you can read more about it here.