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    Things to consider before making a selling app

    By PSA Solutions on July 8, 2021

    When you tell a developer that you want a selling app for your company, they can give you a perfect application to use after 3-6 months. However, before starting the process of making an app, it takes a lot of consideration so that when the application is made, it will be really useful to you and your customers. The questions listed in the following article may be too simple to think about or too far-fetched for you to anticipate. However, it will definitely help those who are wondering whether to make a selling app in many respects before making an important decision.

    Do you really need to make a sales app?

    If you have never owned a website but you are thinking of making a sales app, watch out that this could be a mistake!! Because if you can't measure the revenue and profit that online customers bring and you spent a large amount of money to make a mobile app, this investment is quite emotional and not sure to bring high efficiency.

    If you already have an ecommerce website, you can conduct an online and offline survey about the upcoming introduction to a mobile application. Listen to your customer reactions, measure before thinking about the next steps. Time is not always right, and for every item that customers download an app just to… shop!


    How long does it take to have a complete a selling app?

    When your company's programming team is building the app, make sure they have enough time to do this. In the case of hiring a third party to make the app, it must be understood that building an application will take at least 3 months. In reality, no app will be made in 3 months, not only app development time, but also the time to try and “debug” if the app has bugs.

    Before introducing the app to customers, the app must also be approved by the App Store and Google Play. Some people say this process will take from 2 hours to 2000 hours…!

    Who is the competitor?

    See who out there has an app that you want to have and sell the items you want to sell on the app. Maybe you can read the reviews of those apps carefully and see if they're doing well, and also know how disappointed customers have been using the app,... Study this list carefully to avoid mistakes and create a good one.

    Hiring in-house programming team or using service?

    If there is an application building department available in your company, this is advantageous for making sales apps.

    Using available resources saves costs and business owners will know where the project is going, even without programming knowledge, there is a chance to understand more about the project than giving it all up to an agency.

    However, hiring an agency to make a sales app also has many advantages. Today there are connection platforms between reputable programmers and businesses such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer to be able to choose the most suitable person for the project.

    PSA Solutions is a trusted programming company that you can check out their profile here.

    After introducing the app to the customer?

    Sometimes too rushed and excited to introduce mobile applications to users and sales that forget important things.

    But imagine that, even though there are hundreds of applications downloaded every day, most of them will not be used by customers a second time, not to mention the times when customers delete them immediately after downloading because they do not want to use them again. like a certain point. So, prepare a longer-term plan after the mobile app launch date.

    Did you know Apple takes away 30% of revenue?

    Yes, Apple take 30% of your revenue. Know about this number so you won’t be confused, and especially so that the business won’t lose revenue. Try to calculate it, after deducting marketing costs, programmer costs, you can make a profit from selling on phone applications.

    Did you know Apple takes away 30% of revenue

    When is the right time to introduce the selling app?

    If you think about it carefully, you can see that timing your app launch creates a huge competitive advantage, if leveraged properly. For example, some applications about games, learning English, learning to play piano on the mobile phone will be introduced in the summer when students have a lot of free time. Or if you are selling offline items such as cotton towels, blankets, sheets, etc... launching a sales application in late autumn or early winter is appropriate.

    In short

    Success in writing a shopping application will bring great change, so investing time in calculating options is essential. However, there are also shopping application programming consultants such as PSA Solutions, ready to assist you from coming up with an idea for the application until the app can run smoothly on all devices. The process of working with the company is extremely streamlined, so making a sales app from scratch isn’t so feasible for small businesses, so don't hesitate. In addition, PSA Solutions also has a prominent profile at Upwork so you can refer to their credibility.