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    The benefits of making mobile application for businesses

    By PSA Solutions on July 7, 2021

    If you are thinking about designing a mobile application for businesses then you need to do it as soon as possible. According to statistics, until March 2021, the world has reached 3.8 billion smartphone users, this number is equivalent to 48.41% of the world population. It is predicted that this number will continue to increase in the coming years.


    The reason for this rapid increase comes mainly from the convenience that mobile applications bring. Not only the calling function, but the applications also allow us to shop, entertain, book airline tickets, movie tickets... all on the same device.

    The following article analyzes some of the main benefits of designing a mobile app for businesses:

    Create a close connection with loyal customers

    Create a close connection with loyal customers

    In the era of competition, if you don’t want to lose your loyal customers, you must always accompany them. Your product should be in the best position for customers to easily see and buy.

    As you have to compete for a favorable position on supermarket shelves, so your online store must stand where customers can easily see and buy.

    Mobile app design keeps you always by your customer's side. Your customers don’t need to go through a browser to access the website or use a laptop to access to see the product in the clearest way, but with just a light touch to open the application, everything they need will be displayed. Most obviously, the purchase step is also simple on this.

    When you always renew yourself, change yourself according to the shopping habits of your customers, they will become more and more attached to your brand.

    Expanding potential customers

    Does owning a mobile app help you reach potential customers? The answer is yes. The reason is that there are people who never use computers or laptops but only use mobile phone applications. This is the set of potential customers we are talking about.

    Google Play and App Stores always showcase the most used apps on the main page.

    If your app is provided by good developers and can appear in advertisements, people who have never even heard of the brand will download it and try it out. From here you will have new customers who have never used any of your products but can access your products or services via mobile applications.

    Increase revenue

    Increase revenue

    An important function that almost every mobile app has is: send notifications to users. That functionality works even when the client is not using the app. This notice for businesses will usually send discounts, birthdays so that customers can know and shop for products that they have always loved but have not bought.

    Besides, the quick checkout functions that make the payment process easy is also a factor that makes it easy for customers to come to a buying decision.

    Some functions, such as being able to access the website even without the internet, also make the mobile app more accessible.

    All of the above functions make the purchase and sale of customers go smoothly, thereby increasing revenue for your business.

    Enhance brand value

    Nowadays, mobile apps are an essential element in brand recognition. In addition to marketing publications such as websites, social media, and hand-held publications. Making a mobile app and owning it is also a factor that proves your brand is valuable or not.
    If a customer has never used any product or service of your business but knows that this business has an application of its own, they will rate the professionalism of this brand.

    Energize the competition

    Of course, there are also traditional businesses that making good products and having a certain position in the market, but they haven’t caught up with the development of online marketing and they haven’t completed their online facilities.

    This is the time when whoever makes the mobile app and launches it to customers sooner can change the entire market landscape. Small brands can outrank the leading brands who refuse to change. Or maybe the big brands have the ability to become a monopoly in the market when they have both brick-and-mortar customers and online shoppers.

    Energize the competition


    At the end of the day, design a mobile app always brings benefits to businesses rather than disadvantages. The benefits are mentioned above, but the main disadvantages come from many reasons such as: High cost of making the app, the app can't provide a good customer experience, the app has a bad interface that makes customers don’t want to shop there, and many more...

    Therefore, right from the moment you intend to make a mobile app, you should find a reputable mobile application designer.

    PSA Solutions is one of the reputable agency in Ho Chi Minh City that has done many successful projects that you can refer to.