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    Create outstanding Android app without learning about programming

    By PIXA Studio on March 27, 2021

    Creating Android apps is not really an easy task for many businesses. But why is this one of the most popular application development trends in Vietnam? Follow the content below to learn more about how to create an application software for this popular operating system!

    Trend of using Android Apps Vietnam

    According to the Appota reports: 70% of Vietnamese people using smartphones in Vietnam buy phones with the prices from 3-5 million VND. This is also the segment that most of the smartphone brands are using the Android operating system.

    It’s shown that the trend of using technology software is also dependent on the operating system. And also according to the trend, if businesses do not know how to create suitable content and applications for customers, they may adversely affect their business operations.

    Trend of using Android Apps Vietnam

    In many companies, large enterprises, they will equip teams of specialized programming engineers to be able to develop applications, create Android apps for smartphones that help them reach more customers. However, in small and medium companies or companies with no technological strengths, how can they build a mobile application for their customers?

    The question mark is, where to begin when there’s not enough programming staff or any programming knowledge, which platform will they have to rely on to create the app?

    Create Android apps through platforms

    Android Studio

    Android Studio is the platform for designing applications on the Android operating system. And this is also the latest version of Eclips Studio sponsored by Google. With Android Studio, you can design apps with many utilities such as an Integrated visual emulator, easy to understand; Highly integrated, especially for apps on Android operating systems; The Instant Run tool adds functionality directly to the app without having to create another APK.

    Android Studio

    Tera App

    Tera App is one of the most popular mobile app creation platforms. With Tera App, you can create both Android and iOS apps. With just a few simple manipulations, drag and drop, layout alignment, you can own an Android app.

    In particular, the cost to design a complete app on Tera App is quite cheap, so Tera App can be one of the best choices if you want to test, apply some simple software before releasing official software for your business.

    Tera App

    Appy Pie

    Appy Pie wants to spread that even if you do not have any background knowledge of coding or programming, you can still design an app in the cloud on Android, Windows, or iOS operating systems. Even after the design is complete, you can publish them to the App Store or Play Store whenever you want to.

    Similar to Tera App, just using the simple drag and drop operations you can change the layout of the app.

    Appy Pie


    Como DIY platform has recently been renamed to Swiftic to help users design apps quickly without knowing about programming or coding... This is also one of the platforms that help support making Android apps in the developer community?

    The simple app design process with 3 main steps and choosing the right interface so you can own an app for yourself.



    Creating apps through platforms really brings a lot of convenience for those who want to build simple types of apps with few features or just use them to test the app before launching the original.

    However, you should consider if you want to design a complete app for your business because most platforms only support simple interface repositories, not enough variety for your brand image. Besides, to serve the needs of more complex, multi-feature app design, many businesses nowadays turn to cooperate with programming design companies to optimize their apps.

    Create Android apps through programming companies

    With professional programming companies like PIXA Studio, businesses can freely design a multi-function version of the app to serve the more complex needs of users.

    Some advantages when making Android apps through programming companies must include:

    • High level of expertise, design and build better app functionality.
    • Professional and clear working process.
    • Helping businesses clearly orient the features and directions of the app.
    • Transparency, progress reports from time to time.
    • App performance is better, with diverse interface layouts compared to platforms.

    And in addition, when creating apps through programming companies you don’t need to understand more about programming or code at all. But your app will be better optimized, specialized and with more customer-relevant features without being dependent on available platforms.

    Through the above useful content, creating Android apps is now easier than ever for you, right? Choose for yourself one of the above ways to quickly own a perfect Android app for your business!