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    Current popular roadmap for developing and creating mobile applications

    By PIXA Studio on May 3, 2021

    With more than 2 million applications on the Appstore and more than 2.2 million applications on Google Play, the mobile application helps many businesses reach a lot of customers. Creating a mobile application helps your business keep up with the latest digital transformation trends in business.

    The trend of creating Android and iOS mobile apps

    More than 90% of smartphone devices today operate on the two most popular and largest platforms: Android and iOS. Therefore, the opportunity to reach a huge number of customers from Android and iOS is obvious that every business wants. Along with the trend of digital transformation when all stores and brands equip themselves with an application. Right now, your business should have a plan to design for yourselves an application to increase business efficiency more business!

    2 most popular mobile operating system platforms today

    2 most popular mobile operating system platforms today

    The route to create an app that you might not know about

    Market research

    Before starting any business, whether it's offline or online, you must conduct market research and analysis first. Accurate market analysis will help your products achieve certain relevance when entering a market where many competitors are competing.

    Market research delivers many accurate predictions for the business

    Market research delivers many accurate predictions for the business

    With the app design segment, you should learn about the product/service niche that you are in the business of first, to see if there are currently any competitor's apps in action? Is the economic, social, and political situation in the country you live in legal to publish that app.

    This is quite an important step and a premise for you to quantify whether your application is feasible enough to deploy or not.

    Research the tastes and needs of customers

    There is nothing as authentic as researching the behavior, needs, and tastes of the customers that you are targeting. It’s just like not being able to sell iPhone to low-income customers or unable to force customers from 50 to 70 ages to use Facebook.

    Once you've learned and determined who your audience is, the next job is to clarify the problems they are having. Next step is comparing what you’ve learned with the function of your application if it solves the problem or not?

    A good example of how the app has responded to customer behavior and needs is the ride-hailing app Grab. It is annoying that the culture of "drinking" of Vietnamese people is limited by regulations on alcohol concentration while driving as well as regulations on traffic safety.

    What is the problem? That is how Vietnamese people living in urban areas (Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang,...) can party and drink beer freely without worrying about these problems. Drivers of the Grab app appeared to address that need.

    And precisely because of the correct taste of users on traffic safety, convenient travel, reasonable price, easy to follow the route. Grab is now one of the most successful technology companies in Southeast Asia in particular and in Vietnam in general.

    Building wireframe: the model of the application

    Once you have gathered the customer and market data, you will need to draw a design framework, model, and functionality of the application. The most basic models will be the premise for the complete features, interface, the layout of the application to be formed.

    Create app

    However, the problem that many businesses face here is where will they start without the people or understanding of the app-building process. And creating apps is not that simple!

    You should find a reputable app developer to ensure the progress of the app

    You should find a reputable app developer to ensure the progress of the app

    Some suggestions for working with third parties to build an app making roadmap:

    Create an app through a professional Agency:

    • An experienced team of programmers has implemented many successful projects.
    • Professional consulting, design, and app development roadmap to help customers understand costs, solutions as well as meet the specific needs of each business.
    • Commitment to a process of maintenance and upgrade according to the individual requirements of the customer.
    • Especially, ensuring the project progress, the success of the project as well as keeping the internal information of the business confidential.

    Create app through freelancers:

    • Suitable for businesses that want to develop apps with less functionality, low budget.
    • Easy to face risks because of not committing to progress, as well as problems with maintenance and app upgrade when needed.
    • The success of the project is not guaranteed.
    • There may be a leak of internal corporate information.

    Thus, with the above 2 options, your business can completely count on a team of professional programmers under software development agencies to create applications suitable for their requirements.

    Test the app again before release

    One of the most important steps before releasing any application is to check all features, test the usage history of the customer to see if there are problems, display errors, or bugs, or any function does not have a timely solution.

    App release/publishing

    Now is the time to release your app to customers. If you want to launch your app in the Google Play Store, upload your app file to the store. Since it does not require the evaluation of new users. iOS will evaluate every new application before they make it available for users. Don’t worry, follow their instructions, your application will be accepted.

    The last step is to publish the app in the app stores

    The last step is to publish the app in the app stores

    And finally, the functional building alone is not enough. For your app to get better traffic, your business should have a budget for appropriate promotional campaigns to get customers to know more.

    With a basic roadmap of creating applications for customers and businesses. Now you can have a clear understanding of which stage of your application is in development. If you are still choosing an application developer like that, please contact Pixa Studio Co., Ltd for advice on solutions to build applications for your business!