Oxil Challenger- Mobile Health Monitoring Application

Oxil Challenger- Mobile Health Monitoring Application

Oxil Challenger is an application that helps users track their own health. With the features integrated in , users will easily track their health. It’s simple to use: record nutrition, exercise, health and compare health results with friends, earn bonus points by healthy eating, sports.


  • Nutrition tracking: The application will save the nutritional content used each day by dragging nutrition cards
  • Update nutrition information: Nutrition information will display a number of cards, thereby it helps users update the number of nutrients absorbed each day.
  • Chart: Daily consumption of water, and nutrients
  • Challenger: Participate in healthy eating and sports competitions with friends


  • Native code (Jave & Kotlin in android and Objective -C,swift 4 in iOS )
  • Firebase
  • ReactJs in front-end, admin
  • Nodejs, Loopback in back-end

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