ExtraCare Pharmacity

ExtraCare Pharmacity

ExtraCare application is a mobile software used to order medicine through smartphones. ExtraCare helps users order drugs faster and more conveniently. The application has a diversified drug category with fast delivery, easy to find the nearest pharmacy, and earning points when buying drugs.


  • Online Shopping: Users can buy any medicines, pills, or healthcare products easily on this application. The system will automatically deliver the delivery from the nearest user location.
  • Saving money: Users can earn points with the membership program. By using these points, they can participate in receiving vouchers and coupons regularly.
  • Direct communication with doctors, pharmacists: Online consultation from pharmacists, so that users can buy medicines or healthcare products that are suitable for their status.
  • Maps Feature: The application will have a map feature so that users can find the nearest Pharmacy store for when they need to buy directly at the store.
  • Family purchase history: In order to assist in purchasing medicine when needed, the application has the feature to save and share the purchase history of family members.


  • React-Native for Android & iOS
  • Firebase
  • Google Map
  • Chat services

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