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    Cost of designing a mobile app for business 2021 (last updated)

    By PIXA Studio on April 19, 2021

    Reliance to design mobile apps is always an issue that many businesses who are looking to build apps are concerned about. Is it possible to estimate the fees for completing an application, or is there a way to see what prices are on the market today? Please read the useful article below!

    Important criteria you need to know before designing a mobile app

    Criterion 1: Based on customer requirements

    Customer requirements are the primary goal when design an app

    Customer requirements are the primary goal when design an app

    Nowadays, app development companies all start to implement projects from customer's requests. When there are basic requirements and “raw” descriptions, app developers will outline the elements, information, and conditions to complete the app for customers. Clarifying and identifying the right needs as well as the right functions of the app will help business choose the suitable features of the application.

    Criterion 2: Define tools, programming language

    You should learn and choose the right tools when setting up the app before embarking on researching the features and content of the application.

    For example: The Sketch tool helps you to design interfaces faster and more efficiently. Or the Marvel tool that helps developers publish app designs on the device. The Swift language is an extremely important programming language for native iOS apps. Similarly, Android Studio for Android OS apps.

    If businesses do not understand this information, you can rely on consulting services and support from the app developers to choose the right tools and programming languages for your app.

    Criterion 3: Evaluation quality of application development agency

    The cost to build a complete app is not only based on customer requirements, tools, or programming language, but also the reputation and quality of efficiency of app developers.

    For businesses struggling to find the right application development agency. Please have a look at those platforms - Upwork is a reputable platform that is also known as a hub for connecting businesses and project developers. With the strict standards of censorship, most businesses will choose to collaborate with highly-rated agencies on this platform.

    Mobile App development cost

    Cost is one of the top issues when starting to build and develop a mobile app. Similar to any product, mobile app design costs also fluctuate at many different prices and depend on the specific requirements of the business.

    However, you can still refer to the popular cost in the market to know how the cost of making an app will be calculated. Below is the suggested fee breakdown for different types of apps:

    Simple mobile application for data management

    Basic data management applications often integrate features to manage and retrieve data, date metrics, add different audio sources, integrate camera features, ..This is usually the type of app that has quite basic functionality and does not require a high cost of implementation.

    Depending on the requirements of the business, the cost varies from 20 to 30 million to deploy this app.

    Some prominent types of data management apps: Computer, clock, photography app, music app...

    Social network mobile application

    Social networking application get a high number of traffics which is suitable for advertising

    Social networking application get a high number of traffics which is suitable for advertising

    The potential and trend of building social networking platforms seem to be proven by the “giants” in the tech world such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat,...Social networking apps will integrate a user data manager, push notification creation features, and features that help users interact.

    Application development cost: about 30 million to 100 million (depending on individual requirements)

    E-commerce / purchase application

    E-commerce applications are in the top of the most popular applications today

    E-commerce applications are in the top of the most popular applications today

    Similar to social networking apps, e-commerce apps are among the top apps that receive the most design requests today.

    E-commerce/shopping applications have to build a strong performance, integrating popular management tools such as customer management, product management.

    To support better customer information retrieval, some apps can also integrate APIs or SDKs to retrieve and store data. On the customer side, there is also a shopping cart management feature and other features.

    Another factor to keep in mind when considering the cost of e-commerce app design is the payment process. When users add products, of course, they will need to check the steps and make payments, they will need to integrate payment gateways to complete transactions (banks, e-wallets, ...). Not only costs but the time to complete the app also depends on the individual requirements of each business.

    App development cost: from 50 million to 100 million (for your reference)

    Mobile application according to individual requirements

    There are many reasons for businesses to suggest app ideas according to their requirements. Some typical examples for apps according to the specific requirements of the business such as accounting apps, HR management apps, project management apps, ... Unlike e-commerce applications, apps are tailor-made development that requires unique user experiences. For example, employee data manager, hour tracking, ...

    Also due to the complexity of the usage journey, the cost of developing these apps is quite high. Also need to consider what platform to build on (iOS or Android). If you want the application to run on two platforms, of course, it will need to spend a lot of money designing and testing on both.

    App development cost: from 100 million to 200 million (reference level)

    Select a professional application design unit

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    Hopefully, with this article, you can clearly know the costs of designing mobile apps in general and have a better understanding of each app. Hope your business will soon have the best app for your customers!